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To exceed client's expectations
As an artisan of light, we are what we produce and dedicate to design unique product with technologies & esthetics.
Professional Service team
Aero provides not only high quality lighting products but also professional site service and technical support. And our professional teams make every endeavour to help clients with high-efficiency solution for each project.
Professional Service Team of Aerolight
In-Sale Service Team Of Aero
Aftersales Team Of Aero
Pre-sale service
Team work
Project meeting
Techical support
In-sale service
CV driver proposal
Installation guidance
Regular inspection
Focusing service
Aftersales team
Site issue solution
Quick response
Regular Visits
To Exceed Client's
To Exceed Client's Expectations
Customization proposal
Design & Implemention
Proposal updates
To Exceed Client's Expectations
Dimming test
Dimming test
Proper driver option
Compatibility test report
To Exceed Client's Expectations
Supply Service
Quantity calculation
Specification Review
Supply as scheduled
To Exceed Client's Expectations
Site service
CV driver proposal
Installation guidance
Regular inspection
Focusing service
customized program
To make every endeavour to exceed client's expectations, Aero offers customization service including anti-glare optiomization, color finishing, CCT... And the flexible ability enables us to fulfill the lighting requirement in various applications.
Reflector Options
Trim Options
Customized exclusive plan
In order to make the product meet your project requirements more effectively, in addition to the general customization of Trims and reflectors, we can also provide you with a wide selection of more specialized personalized series products, and provide support for the development of complex special luminaires , such as custom product development, structural changes, waterproof upgrades, etc.
Custom Aero LED lights Development
Custom Product Development
We provide rich and free customization services for a series of personalized products. A complete product chain and strong non-standard lighting development capabilities ensure that "Aero" single-brand lighting can successfully achieve lighting design effects in all areas of each hotel.
Structure of LED Lights Customization
Structure of the custom
In addition to the conventional custom frame and reflector colors, we can also solve various configuration requirements for you including custom anti-glare, swingable angle, custom frame, custom color, custom split and so on.
Upgrade IP Level of Aero LED Lights
Upgrade IP
In order to ensure that our products can meet your better requirements for dust and water resistance, all of our products can be upgraded according to your needs.
Five-Step Dimming Test
Dimming test
Test Report
Proper Driver
Dimming Brand
To ensure the compatibility between dimming system and driver,Aero provides dimming test serivce before mass-production to avoid any dimming problems on site.Till now our driver can match popular dimming system in the market.
Supply as scheduled
Precise quantity calculation
Specification review
Mass-production quality control
High quality & efficient supply
Precise Quantity Calculation of Aero Lights Specification Review from Aerolight Mass-Production Quality Control High Quality & Efficient Supply from Aero
Constant Voltage Light Installation
As Aero mainly specialized in the R& D of hospitality lighting, We can offer professional proposal & installation guidance for Constant voltage Lighting and Driver, And 200+ hotel experiences enable us to provide safe, effective & flexible Constant Voltage driver solution for clients.
Cable Wiring
Cable Wiring
Correct wiring instruction for constant voltage LED light.
24V DC Driver
24V DC Driver
Proper driver proposal for constant voltage LED light
Dimming Test
Dimming Test
Compatibility dimming test before mass-production.
Track Light
Track Light
Installation guidance for Track light
Installation Light
Installation Light
Installation guidance for trimless light
Pre-installation Services from Aerolight
Before installation
Technical disclosure
Reasonable driver proposal
Site issue solution
On-site Installation Services from Aerolight
During installation
Precise quantity calculation
Site installation guidance
Focusing and lux test
After Installation Services from Aero
After installation
Inspection and scenes confirmation
Detailed aftersales service to exceed
Detailed aftersales service
to exceed client’s expectations
Quality Warranty from Aero
Quality warranty
Aftersales Manual from Aero
Aftersales manual
Regular Visits from Aerolight Staffs
Regular visits
Quick Response from Aero
Quick response
Issue Solution from Aerolight
Issue Solution
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