Classification of Common Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
Published Date: 23 Sep, 2022

With the continuous development of architectural space design, people began to learn to use light to design buildings, create layers and outline the art of life. Outdoor lighting is an important design element for outdoor spaces. Good lighting can meet lighting needs at night and bring good visual enjoyment. In order to shape the layering sense and rhythm of outdoor space through lighting, we need to choose different types of outdoor lights, such as wall light, underground light, spike light, etc.

1. Outdoor wall light

Usually installed on 3D wall of the building or the pillar of the gallery frame, it is widely used in architectural lighting or on the façade where needs special lighting effects, which can achieve the function of lighting and decorative walls. Outdoor wall lights are mostly used for partial and decorative lighting, with good energy saving, long service life, fashionable and elegant design, which can produce good decorative effects.

2. Outdoor underground lights

As the name suggests, the underground light is embedded in the earth and the surface is almost flush with the ground. It is generally installed on both sides of the garden sidewalk or in important places that need attention, which mainly plays the role of pedestrian lighting. It can also be used to wash walls or illuminate trees besides as indicator lighting , so as to play a decorative role that the application is very flexible.

3. Lawn light

The lawn light is easy to install and highly decorative. With its unique design and soft lighting, it adds lighting safety and visual beauty for the green landscape. It is an important landscape facility that’s used for lighting around the lawn.


With the improvement of people's demand for lighting design, many lawn lights  have gradually been derived with simple and elegant designs. No matter at day or night, they form their own scenery and are widely used for beautifying park scenic spots, garden villas, tourist attractions, square green spaces, as well as commercial pedestrian streets, parking lots and other places.

4.Outdoor spike light

As a kind of landscape light, spike light is generally used in green belts such as flowers and lawns in squares, gardens, communities or streets. Compared with other lights, it has the advantages of convenient installation, simple maintenance and strong ornamental. At present, spike light can be roughly divided into two categories: practical spike light and ornamental spike light. Different types of lights have different application scenarios.


Practical spike light: Practical spike lights are mainly used in green belts, to achieve the purpose of beautifying the scenery of green plants at night, avoiding problems such as general underground lights being easily blocked by fallen leaves, and being splashed by mud and water in rainy days. It is also commonly installed next to buildings to act as a spot light.


Ornamental spike light: Ornamental spike lights are more used as decorative lights, and are commonly used in lighting festivals, special festivals, architectural outdoor landscapes and other scenes to improve the overall viewing of special scenes.

5. Outdoor step lights

Outdoor step lights are divided into recessed or surface installation. They are used in building facades, entrances and exits of underground parking lot, parks and other places. Mounted parts are needed while the installation height should be concerned. When used as an outdoor light at night, it can not only increase safety, but also drive up ambient light perception. Outdoor step lights generally use green and eco-friendly LED light sources, with low heat, no flickering and no radiation, which not only does not produce light pollution, but also has a long service life.

Aero Light provides a variety of outdoor lights for five-star hotels, including step lights, canopy lights, flood lights, underground lights, linear wall washers, underwater lights, wall lights, etc. On top of that, we pay more attention to its functional characteristics in terms of dustproof & waterproof performance as well as acid and alkali resistance, so that it can better meet the aesthetics and artistic conception of the outdoor environment in hotel.

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